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May 2012 Past Heartache The lyrics of Paul Dempsey speaks for themselves and are exactly, what Serious- Music enthuse to compose music on. Another part took Luigi Sensi, who played the guitar. Serious-Music gets excited for the next collaborations with these congenial musicians.    
March 2012 Shadows Of Yesterday For Shadow Of Yesterday there is next to the lyricist Paul Dempsey another musician, who was involved in making this song. Luigi Sensi, a wonderful guitarist from Sardinia.  The songtitle speaks for itself. It is a serious and thoughtful song, like always.    
February 2012 Memories Fade Dark and deep from the real life. This is Serious-Music. Here a new collaboration with the lyricist Paul Dempsey. This song describes Alzheimer and we cannot close our eyes.    
January 2012 I Remember Love Collaboration with the lyricist  Paul Dempsey from Kalifornien will not be finished. Here is our new song  „I Remember Love“.  Additional Collaborationen are planned.  
February 2011 My musician friend Marijan died in the age of only 51 years at 11th of February in 2011 Marijan was a marvellous rock musician, who has laid his focus on medieval rock music. I am proud, that I met him and also happy to have 10 songs in collaboration with him. His exhilarant and uncomplicated kind of living made every meeting to an experience. I will never forget him. His music will live on in us and this is wonderful.  
November 2009 After three years work my CD  STONES OF LIFE is now complete and available for purchase on CD-Baby. The songs are dark and deep and are from real life experiences and observations. Contributing members are me Serious- Music, Marijan and special guest East Meets West. The final excellent mix is by Pascal (Syngularity). There are 16 songs in total which include numerous guitar parts.
November 2011 WEAK The Trio: Lyrics from Tanja, Spoken words Heydline, music and vocals from Serious- Music, The Song describes a explosive and current theme. This time it is the cyberbylling. Someone get connected friendly to someone other to exter after a while pressure on him. Thats right up a valley for Serious-Music.    
September 2011 You Have Changed Me This is my first collaboration with Heydline, a wonderful singer from South-Germany. Heydline was a part of the Band Young Remained. But in February 2011 passed our friend Marijan and Heydline lost his band member and best friend for ever. Paul Dempsey wrote the lyrics and I made the music. While the music production I thought by myself that I could ask Heydline if he like it to sing with me. So he did a great job (like always). I am proud that we made our first collab now. For the future we will see ... Great thanks to Paul Dempsey and Heydline.
May 2011 Death By Suicide This is the 4th collaboration with the lyricist Paul Dempsey from California. The lyrics are dark and deep and I picked these lyrics because Serious-Music-songs are always deep from the real life.
November 2010 Sadness Hung Like A Shroud Another collaboration with Paul Dempsey from California with sad lyrics. But this belongs to real life and to the songs of Serious-Music.  
September 2010 What About You What About You is a Pop Ballad, which bears all the marks of my daughter Tanja. She set up the composition of the melody and wrote the lyrics. I was responsible for the musical realisation. Nontypical for Serious-Music - but I am always open for new ideas.  
June 2010 Mother ...  Can You Forgive Us Our second collaboration: Paul Dempsey (PVD) and Serious-Music. This topic is so actual as never before when I think to the oil desaster in the USA for example. Thanks to Paul for writing such great lyrics. But I think the day will come that the mother earth cannot forgive us.  
May 2010 The White Rose Paul Dempsey from California wrote the lyric for this piece after reading “on line” about the group called the White Rose in Germany during WWII.  They were a group of students at the University of Munich that mounted a campaign against the Third Reich by producing leaflets and distributing them throughout the campus.  Their efforts were fatal.  They were captured by the Gestapo after only six leaflets were produced and their main leaders were beheaded.  The White Rose is still honored highly in Germany.  
May 2010 Object of Desire Since months and weeks: Always when I switch on the TV I heard in the news about priests (and other persons too) that they grab children (most little boys) for their sexual drive. My heart always breaks when I listen such things. And I wrote a song ... a Serious-Music-Song.
August 2009 Stones Of My Life My actual song “Stones Of My Life” describes the coming of age with all its hurdles and difficulties.
June 2009 Cold Song My actual song “Cold Sun” describes the story of a mother, who leaves her children and left many open questions.
Januar 2009 Not Ready For Dying "Not Ready For Dying" is dedicated to a good musical friend, who was very sick.
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August 2012 I can Fly After a lot of serious songs, Serious-Music presents something different: Fresh Synthy-Sound with I Can Fly. Tanja wrote the lyrics and our common guitar friend Luigi Sensi from Sardinia gave his best. Many thanks to the great musician team.    
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September  2012 Hungry for Life (the way I want) This song is dedicated by Serious-Music to all the people, who have more stress then  leisure.They never can do what they want to do and feel often heteronymous. The desire for more time for themselve, in which theý can “live” is great. Luigi Sensi is playing the guitar.    
October 2013 If I Could Have Read Your Mind This song is about an unrequited love. Paul Dempsey wrote the lyrics, and he did it - as always - wonderful on its way. Lyrics: Paul Dempsey Music, Vocals: Serious-Music  
September 2013 Bon Voyage Serious music presents a song in own thing. On 03.09.2013 our favorite cat "Teddy" died exactly on his birthday at the age of 18 years. The song describes the last day of his life. We will never forget him. Lyrics, Music, Vocals: Serious-Music  
September 2013 Nicht mehr hier (for Benny) On 03.08.2013 Norbert's best friend Benny died at the age of 14 years. He wrote down his thoughts and feelings in his grief. Serious-Music-formed his lines to a song. With much feeling Luigi Sensi played the guitars. Exactly 1 month later Serious-Music was in the same situation with her favourite cat Teddy. The sadness over the loss of their beloved animals united both and that was the reason that Serious Music composed also a song for Benny. Lyrics Norbert Frick / Serious-Music, Guitars: Luigi Sensi , Music & Vocals: Serious- Music  
September 2013 Ich bin kein Loser This song describes over the lack of recognition and lack of appreciation of other people. Lyrics, Music, Vocals: Serious-Music  
June 2013 From Time To Time Sad songs means Serious-Music. Luigi Sensi played excellent his guitars. Paul Dempsey wrote the lyrics. Serious-Music made the rest. A collaboration with very nice guys.  
July 2013 I Don’t Like You As so often in life, it also applies to people you do not like. On this topic Serious Music felt moved to make a song.  
July 2013 No More A collaboration with USA / Japan / Germany / Australia. No More a song that describes the Second World War and makes very thoughtful.  
June 2013 Put Out The Flame This collaboration was not easy to do. The lyrics from Paul Demsey are very sad. But I found (or But Serious-Music found) a good way to present lively music to the lyrics. The genre of this song is Musical.  
May 2013 It’s Not The Same It's Not The Same is a funny song about the strange habits of married couples and couples. Paul Dempsey wrote - as so often in recent years - the lyrics.  
October  2012 You’d Never change We are a good team: Paul Dempsey (Lyrics) and Luigi Sensi (guitars). A story about alcoholism and the time came and she moved.  
January 2013 Every Single Part Of Me A sad story: A young woman loves a much older man, She learnd a lot of love, contact and understanding. But this love did not last. The age difference was too great. Paul Dempsey wrote the text and Serious Music made this song out of it.  
February 2013 Chance To Change Power ballad to a favorite motto of Serious Music "Dark and deep from the real life". New Collaboration with Paul Dempsey. Another will follow.  
January 2013 Fractured Years New song of Serious Music and Paul Dempsey. Under the motto “The time lost cannot be reclaimed”  
March 2013 Silence Another face from Serious-Music. Here with the cheeky song Silence. Lyrics by Paul Dempsey from California.  
March 2013 Gone A sad ballad and the title speaks for itself. Not easy to live when you have lost a beloved person. Lyrics by Paul Dempsey from California.  
May 2013 Dreams Of Past Sins The Second World War and its consequences. Lyrics: Paul Dempsey, Guitars: Luigi Sensi, Radiospeaker: Tonchirurgie