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Behind His Crooked Smile  (v1) He commanded all the attention As he walked through the door all the women turned their heads As he glided across the floor    across  the floor (v2) His head tilted that certain way The confidence just showed There was something about him Like a rooster, he crowed (chorus) But ….. He was too good to be true His façade was see through I sensed it all the while There was something Something     Behind his crooked smile (v3) The willing victims lined up He moved from one to the other They all hoped and dreamed About being his next lover  (v4) Spoken I stayed far in the background Where some saw elegance I had a much different view And all I saw was arrogance Instrumental (bridge) His teeth were perfect; no hair was out of place It was all for effect, he was just a pretty face  (chorus) 2 x Lyrics by Paul Dempsey / Music & Vocals Serious-Music © 2014 by Serious-Music