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Faceless Man Male Intro I know what she wants I know what she's missing And I know that she will never see my face Female  V1 Why, tell me why you won’t show me your face? Why is silence your only answer? Some mysteries are more than I can take I'm waiting … How much more waiting can I endure? Female V2 Why, why promise something that never comes true? Why do you choose to give birth to a thousand words? To replace a simple pic that continues to elude? Still waiting… This wretched waiting is absurd Male Part Some things should remain completely unseen Maybe it's best to only find me in your dreams There, I can take any shape or be anything More than a phantom, less than a scream Less than a scream Chorus Can't only live in dreams, all are destined to wake It's reality that wields the cold hand of fate Come out of shadows and show your face Instrumental Bridge I feel your words, and sometimes believe I know what you look like inside Seems like most times they are filled with pride and glee But now I long to see your smile Final Chorus: Inge and Ed Can't only live in dreams (See me only in dreams) All are destined to wake (Don't want to wake) It's reality that wields the cold hand of fate (Too cold for me) Come out of shadows (Here I am safe) And show your face (But this, I can't face) Lyrics / Vocals Edward B. Millican & Serious-Music / Music Serious-Music © 2015 by Serious-Music