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One By One  (v1) When the ice can no longer hold And heat replaces the cold And there’s no truth only lies As deep oceans begin to rise We’ll watch the flames fanned As the granite turns to sand And buildings topple under the sun One by one   (v2) When fear is the only shade We’ll huddle together afraid As the heat begins to arrive We’ll all struggle to survive There’ll be no place to hide As fact and fiction collide Everyone will drop as they run One by one Instrumental (bridge) And the gods will shake their heads; they have no place to belong As they watch the chaos spread; they wonder what went wrong                               (v3) And the cycle continues on Like the dinosaurs that are gone The world will keep spinning Waiting on a new beginning And all that was once great Will have to lie and wait To be unearthed under the sun One by one Lyrics by Paul Dempsey / Music & Vocals Serious-Music © 2014 by Serious-Music