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The Last Of You (v1) With you in the beginning Everything came so easily It was so natural and real It was never a burden for me (v2) Later I saw your dark side A side I didn’t want to know Seems you didn’t trust me And my burden began to show (chorus) Yes, I loved you from the start You captured my heart What else could I do And there was never much That I ever asked of you But now I’m hoping That I’ve seen the last of you (v3) I watched as your insecurities Found their way to the surface Our live became a nightmare We no longer had a purpose (v4) You’re jealousy and anger Left me scared and bruised But I’m no longer in love Now, I’m no longer confused (chorus)   Lyrics by Paul Demsey,  Music & Vocals by Serious-Music ©  Serious-Music/Germany 2014