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War Dogs (V1) In unbearable heat, and terrain, trench foot-wet, you could smell it on me; the fear of sudden death! (Pre-Chorus) Was walking point and walking blind But you were there to be my guide (Chorus) Thank you, old friend of mine! You saved me from the killing wire. You mean more to me than any man, woman or child Best friends to the end of our lives  (V2) Many tales of K9 bravery, This one was a Human shield; dragged my buddy to safety through a bullet riddled field.  (V3) That one saved many men and prevailed over certain doom Caught the sent of man hell bent on sniping everyone in the platoon. Instrumental (Bridge) My spirits pulse, zero at the end of the war The 4 legged hero I adored, was no more (V4) No 21 gun shots spent, name on a wall or a hero's grave Just dispensed like used equipment, even after all the lives they saved. (Chorus) Thank you, old friend of mine! Your kind saved our lives so many times. You helped me go home to my son and wife Best friends till the stars surrender all light (Outro) WHILE SIFTING THROUGH RED TAPE AND FOLDERS, THIS GREAT NATION NEEDS TO LEARN, THEY WEREN'T TOOLS, THEY WERE SOLDIERS, AND THE RIGHT TO LIFE, THEY SURELY EARNED. When I think of mine, can't help but cry... "You were my angel on 4 legs! And I'll see you in Heaven some day." Lyrics: Ed Millican, Music, Vocals: Serious-Music © 2015 by Serious-Music